Run For Inclusion-2014

Run For Inclusion-2014



Individuals must be treated with equal dignity and fairness. And yet a journey to societies and nations is all it takes to convince us that we still have a very long way to go.

With the objective of ensuring a sustainable and dignified reintegration of this otherwise excluded community into the mainstream social fold, Aide et Action-South Asia (AEA-SA) organises an annual event – ‘Run for Inclusion’. The run is organised to bring dignity and respect to the excluded communities by supporting them through education and employment opportunities.

Vision Mission
To promote empathy and assertive actions within the society for ‘Inclusion’ of the excluded population. To spread the message of ‘Inclusion’ through millions of runners and initiate positive actions.

About the Run

‘Run for Inclusion’ will not only allow you to show your solidarity and responsibility towards your country and humanity but will also give you an opportunity to extend support towards the eradication of disparities in the society.

The run is scheduled on November 23, 2014 to be held in more than 20 cities of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal with approximately 50,000 people running for the cause. This would be a 5 km run in support to the empowerment of the youth.


Who can participate in the Run